Why Speech Analytics

Why Speech Analytics

Contact centers are a key part of almost any business. They help organizations handle customer queries, convert leads to revenues, provide support to their client base and more. Sometimes the sole contact point for a firm, contact centers are hubs of knowledge transfer and revenue generation.
Needless to say, this means that not only must they comply with certain guidelines and policies – especially in cases where sensitive information is discussed over calls; they also need to maintain a certain level of quality in all their interactions. Poor call quality equals poor customer experience equals poor company image, all of which lead a company to lose customers forever.

However, even the smallest of contact centers handles at least tens of interactions each day. Manually listening to each call to analyze the call quality would be a tedious, not to mention time-consuming job in such cases.

So, how does one go about checking the quality of one’s calls?
The answer is simple – through Speech Analytics technology

What is Speech Analytics

Speech analytics is the process of analyzing recorded calls to gather information from customer interactions. It helps bring structure to unstructured data, revealing insights and information that would otherwise buried in these interactions.

Why Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics tools, like MK’s SmartSpeech, reduce the effort required to analyze the quality and content of each call. Not only this, they also help organizations glean valuable information regarding call duration, dead air on calls, agent performance, customer satisfaction, root-causes and other interesting insights.

Apart from this, Speech Analytics software can provide several other benefits, such as:

  • Keyword spotting: The identification of defined keywords in each interaction, makes it easier to find isolated calls of interest or to identify trends through frequency
  • Content categorization: The transcription and indexation of entire calls enables classification and structuring of content, which makes it easier to search for calls of a particular kind
  • Data redaction: The automatic identification and redaction of sensitive information from call recordings and transcriptions done by tools like MK’s SmartSpeech helps ensure PCI compliance
  • Multidimensional analytics: The capacity to deep dive into categorized calls allows for a variety of analytics approaches that can suit every need – with the right Speech Analytics solution, you can get detailed insights, analyses and comparisons across a variety of dimensions like demography, time, gender and more.

As you can see, Speech Analytics can empower contact center managers to monitor agent performance and improve customer experience more effectively. What’s more, it can open up a world of new parameters to analyze, giving leaders access to relevant and accurate insights they can act upon.

In other words, with all its myriad benefits, Speech Analytics can help convert unstructured call data into revenue.

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