Why Do You Need Robust Speech Analytics For Your Call And Contact Center Business?

Robust Speech Analytics For Your Call And Contact Center Business?

If businesses genuinely care about their consumers and value their opinions, they will do what it takes to make them happy.

 If you want to consistently wow your clientele, it helps to hear what they have to say about your services through customer feedback.

The first commercially available speech analytics software appeared about 2002. Its popularity has skyrocketed since then.

Due to technological advances, speech analytics is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses that seek to boost productivity, agent performance, regulatory adherence, income, and customer experience.

Use Speech Analytics Software: All the Good It Can Do

With speech analytics, managers can gain insight into the habits of their most productive employees. A reliable, scalable, and adaptable speech recognition technology for interpreting client feedback can significantly benefit your company’s operations.

Audio data can be mined and analyzed with the use of speech analytics software, which can pick up on cues such as a customer’s mood, stress level, satisfaction level, products discussed on the phone conversation, and more.

Reduced Costs from Automation

The time and money spent on conversation analysis can be saved by automating it so that you can gain fast insights from recordings of phone calls or other media.

Optimally Boost Strategic Business Choices

Strengthen the quality of strategic judgments use client feedback and conversations as a foundation for future service and product improvements. Speech analytics allows call centers to swiftly gain valuable insights.

Since it records and reports on all communications, it can automatically collect raw data, clean it up, analyze it, and draw conclusions based on the metrics businesses care about; this, in turn, can inform their strategy for enhancing the business process, which in turn can increase revenue.

Helps You Get Analytical Reports Out Faster

Contact centers may improve their offerings to customers and save time on analytics by using cutting-edge tools like voice analytics. Insights gained from analytics also aid in boosting agent performance and exposing where they fall short.

If used properly, analytics have the potential to improve the Key Performance Indicators thought gap identification.

Control Waste in Operations

Analyze your team’s performance in handling the discussions, and use that information to shape future training courses for your employees based on the data provided by the conversation analytics reports. The result will be increased CX and streamlined customer management.


Gain deeper insight from your transcription by focusing on domain-specific key phrases. The analysis aids in the discovery of an issue, which in turn aids in the acquisition of information by the agents, which in turn aids in the reduction of callbacks by setting reasonable expectations with customers, which in turn aids in the production of accurate outputs.

Boosts up- and cross-selling potential

It is prudent to use the contact center to promote up-selling and cross-selling during customer contacts to increase income. This data can be utilized to improve marketing campaigns’ success rates through increased sales conversions.

Improved KPIs Using Speech Analytics Data

With the aid of speech analytics software, you can monitor several KPIs.

Some examples include the percentage of calls that are resolved on the first try, the speed with which services are provided, the level of customer satisfaction, the degree to which call scripts are followed or improved, the number of calls that after choosing your KPIs, compare them to your present performance standards.

Examining the compiled list of the most significant call center metrics is a helpful exercise to determine whether you can infer meaning from your KPIs:

Scores for quality

Giving the caller’s experience a general grade. Contact Center The agent and group levels of quality scores are subject to observation. Supervisors and employees can get a precise and unbiased assessment of how well they are performing when you track 100% of client contacts.

Fewer repeat calls

Speech analytics is a potent piece of software that helps with efficiency improvement and a decrease in repeat calls.

Reducing repeat calls not only lowers total call volume but also increases customer satisfaction, which can boost revenue.

First Call Resolution (FCR):

Calculates the percentage of calls that are resolved during the initial interaction.

Just multiply the total amount of first contacts by the number of calls that are successfully handled on the first contact.

Data segmentation by call type, call cause, and other factors can make your analysis even more comprehensive.

Customer Contentment

Examines the agent’s actions and procedures that have the most impact on the experience of the client. Speech analytics examines sentiment by observing the voice’s volume, silence, and other cues in addition to searching for words and phrases that express displeasure.

Compliance with the script or improvement

When it comes to providing a great customer experience, contact centers frequently use scripts to ensure a uniform approach to client interactions.

When handling sensitive information, call center operators must exercise extreme caution and stick to the approved script, especially in highly regarded businesses.

Managers may quickly mine calls with the aid of the software to make sure that agents are adhering to the script and delivering top-notch performance.

AHT, or average handling time:

Calculated by adding up the various stages of a call’s processing (answering, transferring, talking, etc.), this is the overall time required to handle a call. It’s crucial to average handle times across numerous calls in order to analyze agent performance accurately.

Bottom Line

The key to establishing a prosperous enterprise is providing satisfied customers with excellent service. You can make your consumers happy by anticipating their needs before they alter their minds or go elsewhere.

You can’t read people’s minds, so the next best thing is to use speech analytics to record all of your interactions with customers.

Speech analytics is useful since it helps organisations save time and money while gaining repeat customers and new ones.

To win over upper management, you need to start with a well-thought-out plan, research your topic thoroughly, settle on an appropriate solution, and demonstrate the project’s worth to your staff. If you do this, good things will come your way.

To get things right from the get-go and prevent any surprises, follow these best practices as a guide.

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