Your Speech Analytics Solution for Improved Business Outcomes

A one stop speech analytics solution to boost your contact center performance, increase your revenues, and improved customer loyalty.

Intelligent Dashboards

Integrated dashboards for you to analyse multiple focus areas based on your interest and business needs.

Speaker Separation

Better understand speaker interactions by separating each side of the conversation.

Cloud or On-Premise

Available as an option to host over the cloud or on-site, thereby asserting more physical control of the tool.

PCI DSS Redaction

Aids in automatically identifying and redacting credit card and other PCI sensitive information of clients.

Low Learning Curve

Comes with built-in user friendliness so that your on-boarding happens seamlessly leading to faster results.

Language Packs

Brings in more than 6 language packs like French Canadian, European and American English and more.


Get the Right Insights from your Contact Center Data.
Drive Customer Experience, Satisfaction and Loyalty.

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A Tool for Empowering Your Agents And Contact Center

With SmartSpeech, one of the best speech analytics solutions, it becomes much easier to measure and improve your agent performance with targeted training programs based on gaps.

SmartSpeech helps in understanding your agent behaviour and performance better using speech to text insights. With automatic scoring of agent interactions, it eliminates all the time from manual processes.

SmartSpeech can be employed to understand the reasons for inefficient call handling, increase first call resolutions and improve your agent’s sales. You can even use our speech analytics solutions to develop more customized training programs for your agents which will reduce the on boarding time and boost performance of them.


Avg Cost Savings for Clients


Avg Time Savings for Clients


Avg Improvement of FCRs

More Special Features

Our best in class speech analytics solution, SmartSpeech comes with more special features that can be utilized
by contact center managers and organizations to derive better results for their business.

Audio Metadata

Audio Metadata

Integrate valuable metadata for silence, speaker clarity & talk-over information.

Speech Analytics 101 for Contact Centers

New Hire Assessment

Helps in performing new hire proficiency assessment and identifying training needs.


Automated Redaction

Automatically redact sensitive information from your audio and text output.