Using Speech Analytics

7 Key Speech Analytics Use Cases For Contact Centers

Call data is a goldmine of information that helps one gain rich and relevant insights about their customers’ satisfaction, customers’ churn, agent performance, and campaign effectiveness rate. With a remarkable increase in the total inflow of the customer calls to the contact centers, reviewing ...
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Call Center Productivity

Call Center Productivity – This Is How Speech Analytics Can Help

With an upsurge in competition among organizations across industries, the pressure has moved onto contact centers to deliver exceptional customer service. Providing a remarkable customer service has become the key determining factor for their success. To enable this, it has become vital for the cont...
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next-generation contact centers

Uncapping The Potential of Next-Generation Contact Centers Using Speech Analytics

When talking about contact centers, the first image that strikes each of our minds’ is a large room with cubicles arranged in an orderly manner, agents attending the customers’ calls, and their supervisors hustling to make sure that none of the customer’s queries stands unresolved. However, as...
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This is Why The Cost of Implementing Speech Analytics Software is Justified

Joe is facing a glitch in his newly purchased phone and so, calls up the brand’s customer support number. Before getting connected to a customer service agent, Joe is made to follow a set of instructions trailed by playing of a recorded voice message that said, “This call may be recorded for qua...
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speaker separation

Speaker Separation – Listening to What You Need To Hear

The modern-age contact centers focus on attaining maximum customer satisfaction. From making the best use of the available resources to going beyond their scope to make their customers happy, the agents at these contact centers ensure that every query raised by their customer is heard and an optimum...
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