SmartSpeech Pricing

Kick Start Your Speech Analytics Process

Start your speech analytics project with our flexible packages
customized for your business outcomes.




  • 4000 Hours of data ingestion
  • 100% access to transcripts
  • Easy application building
  • Customer sentiment insights
  • Managed services support




  • 10000 Hours of data ingestion
  • Query building and refining support
  • Actionable intelligence through KPI storyboards
  • Deep dive on targeted interactions




  • 20000 Hours of data ingestion
  • Easy to use APIs
  • Pre-built applications templates
  • Automated scoring on objective compliance measures


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  • 20000+ Hours of data ingestion
  • Expansive categorizations for deep dive analytics
  • Enhanced value delivery model
  • No upfront setup or license costs

Managed Services

  • $10K for 1 POD
  • Leverage a team of certified experts on MK SmartSpeech or your existing solution from other vendor
  • Develop analytical framework
  • Build queries/ applications to organize audio
Leverage Proven Expertise

Managed Services

Managed Services is a platform independent solution which allows clients to benefit from our decade long experience in Speech Analytics. Whether you choose MK’s SmartSpeech platform, or are already using a solution from another vendor, you can leverage our team of experts to drive your Speech Analytics initiatives in your organization – freeing your team to focus more on strategy instead of tactics.

Managed Services - $10K for 1 POD
1 Manager (Shared)
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, PMP Certified
  • Co-ordinate with respective stakeholders on the objectives
  • Internal operations & management
Senior Business Analyst – 1
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, PMP Certified
  • Develop analytical framework
  • Perform analysis
Business Analysts – 2
  • Six Sigma Green Belts
  • Build queries/applications to organize audio
  • Perform analysis
  • Guide deep dive team for data collection through call interpretation
Deep Dive Experts – 2
  • SMEs, domain experts
  • Analyze calls for data collection subject to project objectives

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