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Being one of the leading speech analytics vendors, our Managed Services will help you get the best results out of your investment in speech analytics software. You can rely on our experts to leverage SmartSpeech better and customize it for your business objectives.

Expertise at Service

Our team brings expertise in leveraging the Speech Analytics platform and have exposure to multiple platforms - be it speech-to-phoneme or speech-to-text. They ensure that you have the best suggestions on how to tackle your business problems effectively and efficiently.

Industry Know How

Our team is aware of the dynamics and have exposure to multiple industries. Whether it is telecom, collections, healthcare, financial services or any other industry; you will be delighted that the team will be quick to adapt and start to contribute faster.

Best Practices

As one of the top speech analytics vendors, our team is working with the best companies and has the edge of expertise across different industries. This knowledge helps standardize and fix critical processes while actively working towards a solution.

Implementation Expertise

Our Team works with you in implementing the recommendations to achieve returns on investment. Their expertise comes handy when you are working to implement the suggested solution.

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Our Experts Comes With Proven Track Record

Our Experts Comes With Proven Track Record

Decades of Contact Center and Process Improvement Experience

Our team has helped clients from various industries like Banking & Financial, Telecom, Education, Technology etc. derive actionable insights from their contact center data. As one of the best speech analytics companies, our team understands your processes and customize the analysis for achieving the right business outcomes.

Benefits Of Working With Our Team

Flexibility with Solutions: Whether it is SmartSpeech or any speech analytics software in the market, our team can help you leverage it to the optimum. They can help you customize the solution for your business needs and get the best results.

 Lesser Learning Gap: Our team consists of trained professionals who will start working on solving the business problems from the moment they go live. They take less time to understand your unique business goals and requirements.


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Our Team Can Help You Achieve The Right Goals

Our Team Can Help You Achieve The Right Goals

Our team can work with you in improving efficiency of your call center, reduce your costs by improving FCRs, and improve the performance by identifying agent inefficiencies. Being one of the top speech analytics companies, we can also help you in improving your contact center, sales and compliance processes using their quality improvement expertise as well.

SmartSpeech Comes With Features Plus an Expert Team for You.