How to Reduce Average Handle Time Using Speech Analytics in a Call Center

How to Reduce Average Handle Time Using Speech Analytics

Using speech analytics can help contact centers drastically reduce the average handling time of a call. These tools allow agents to identify words that indicate longer periods of silence, such as “hold” or “one moment.” By training agents to use these phrases, average handle time can be reduced by as much as 20%. These techniques are highly effective, and they have helped some contact centers lower their AHT by as much as 50%.

Reducing Average Handling Time (AHT)
Reducing Average Handling Time (AHT)

One of the most efficient ways to reduce Average Handle Time is to automate rote tasks. For example, a supervisor can analyze calls remotely and customize training programs for agents based on their knowledge requirements. By using speech analytics, he can automatically perform post-call tasks such as re-populating CRM fields or analyzing the mood of the customer. Speech analytics also allows supervisors to monitor customer satisfaction. You can also use speech analytics software to determine the duration of the call. By tracking and analyzing speech data, agents can improve the way they deal with customers and increase their satisfaction. The agent’s role in this process is to listen to and process customer feedback. This is very important because it allows the agent to build a connection with the customer and understand how they feel. Moreover, it improves the agents’ performance and helps them to be more efficient.

To reduce the average handle time, managers must analyze previous interactions. By identifying the customer’s needs and asking questions about the product, they can create custom training plans for the agents. These training plans should be tailored to the agent’s needs and the company’s needs. The speech analytics system is designed to improve the average handling time of customers and help the managers to improve the overall performance of the call center. Increasing Average Handle Time is a common problem that many companies face. As an example, the average handle time of call centers varies from one client to another. Some companies use speech analytics solutions to identify the areas where an agent can improve efficiency. When it comes to AHT, it’s important to review the call center’s existing processes to improve their productivity. The agent should be empowered to spend sufficient time with the customer and avoid wasting time.

If you want to decrease Average Handle Time, you should first review your unstructured call logs. Text data provides an insight into what causes the most frequent calls. This information can be used to create better resolution guides and optimize the number of calls. The voice logs should be analyzed for any unnecessary steps. It should be easy to see where the average handling time is the highest. You should also consider the types of incidents in your call center.

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