How Call Data Analysis Can Help Drive Actionable Insights?

How To Derive Actionable Insights Using Call Data Analysis

In the present day scenario, almost every customer contacts the call center due to reasons like resolving their query, getting an issue fixed or inquire about a new product. While the reasons for their call can be extremely varied, their expectation still remains the same – getting the best customer service.

To make this possible, the contact center needs to be aware of its customers’ demands and level of expectations. Wondering about how this can be done? The answer is simple – call data analysis. Since every contact center attends thousands of calls per day, a lot of call data is available for analysis that, in turn, may help in deriving a number of actionable insights.

The analysis of call data is not a tedious task and can be done both manually as well as using the latest and advanced technology-based software. But, since the volume of call data increases rapidly, it is better to opt for advanced software for speech analytics.

Investing in speech analytics software is not a big deal. But, what matters the most is finding the right ways to attain maximum output from your investment. To ensure this, one needs to be aware of a few crucial aspects such as the purpose of conducting speech analysis, the possibility of implementing speech analytics solution in a real-time situation, the likelihood of attaining improved customer experience, etc. If you are aware of all of these, you are all set to implement this advanced technology.

A number of actionable insights can be established by conducting data analysis for calls held between agents and customers. A few of these are as mentioned below:

1. Know What Needs To Be Measured

Every business functions on a different business model. Therefore, having call data is not enough to derive the desired results. Before analyzing the call data, it is important to first understand the business model so that it gets easier to know and understand what all needs to be measured. For instance, in the case of an ecommerce business, it is important to know the channels that help drive maximum revenue, loopholes in the system, platforms where data needs to be improved, etc. Having a clear and concise strategy for your business along with a set of KPIs can be a great way to get the most from call data analysis.

2. Get The List Of Frequently Asked Questions

Carefully listen to the call data and get a list of frequently asked questions ready. Analyze the pain points of your customers talking over the phone and define the best strategy to resolve their query when raised the next time. Preparing this list would also allow you to better handle your customer calls every time and offer suggestion before they even ask for it.

3. Data Segmentation

Dividing the call data into multiple groups based on the attributes shared among the visitors can be a great idea. Doing so would give you the freedom to choose the group you would like to analyze first and later. It would also make it easier for you to know your target audience better, understand their behavior/ reaction in different situations and accordingly define a better plan of action.

4. Clarity On Data Set Context

Analyzing the call data using best speech analytics software also enables one to gain a clear understanding of the context behind the customer’s call. This, in turn, would allow them to take better decisions and benefit the business at large. Knowing the context of the numbers available, the way they affect the business and their significance can serve as a great way to avoid bad decision-making. It is important to always keep in mind that a data set without any context can lead to bad decision-making that, in turn, may lead to loss to the company.

5. Devise An Optimization Plan

Speech analytics also enables you to make the best use of DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve Control) approach. This is because when you know the in and out of your data set, it gets time to formulate an action plan and work towards getting the things done. Knowing the loopholes in your agents’ performance based on the dataset analysis, it gets easier to implement an optimization strategy and control any changes by monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and conducting tests.

6. Identify The Most Suitable Mix of Data Sources

When the call data analysis is done, it gets easier to identify the best mix of the traditional and latest technology. For instance, you would be able to understand the best way to use traditional databases with big data solutions. Connecting your data sources in the most suitable way can help you understand your customer better that, in turn, empowers you to deliver enhanced customer experience.

7. Improve The Channels of Communication

Having the call data empowers an organization to make the best decisions. You can analyze the call data and discover the finest ways to improve the lines of communication. This can be done by identifying the common communication barriers and implementing ways to eradicate the same so that it gets easier to improve the lines of communication.

8. Train Your People Better

Analyzing your call data can help you gain a deeper insight into your agents’ performance and the way it is impacting your customers’ satisfaction level. It would get easier for you to identify the loopholes in the agents’ performance and get an action plan ready to overcome the same. You would be able to identify the need for training for your agents, the best tactics to attain the desired results and more.


It is true that the majority of businesses do not realize the significance of call data analysis to drive their actions. But, it is really important for them to understand that analyzing their call data is extremely valuable to improve their contact center’s performance and attain the desired results such as improved FCR and CSAT score, reduced AHT, etc.

Delivering a positive customer experience is not an easy job. You need to put in your best efforts, invest time and get the most out of your available call data using one of the best speech analytics tools. Implementing this software will not only analyze data to derive meaningful results, increase revenue and reduce costs but will also help in saving a lot of business time. Therefore, make sure that you do not miss out on analyzing your call data as it is certainly a pool of information that may help you derive relevant insights and up the agents’ performance at your contact center.