automated speech recognition

What is ASR (automated speech recognition), and why it’s important?

Automated speech recognition (ASR) is a technology that enables users of information systems to address entries rather than punching numbers on a keypad. ASR was used primarily to furnish information and to reroute telephone calls. In recent years, ASR has grown famous in the customer service divisi...
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Key Speech Analytics Use Cases For Contact Centers

7 Key Speech Analytics Use Cases For Contact Centers

Call data is a goldmine of information that helps one gain rich and relevant insights about their customers’ satisfaction, customers’ churn, agent performance, and campaign effectiveness rate. With a remarkable increase in the total inflow of the customer calls to the contact centers, reviewing ...
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Call Center Productivity How Speech Analytics Can Help

Call Center Productivity – This Is How Speech Analytics Can Help

With an upsurge in competition among organizations across industries, the pressure has moved onto contact centers to deliver exceptional customer service. Providing a remarkable customer service has become the key determining factor for their success. To enable this, it has become vital for the cont...
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