Short Call Study For A News Media Giant

Case Study News media giant


With over 7 million subscribers, the media house giant wanted to assess their Short Call situation and wanted MattsenKumar to provide insights over their recorded calls using state of an art speech analytics solution along with a dedicated team of speech analysts.

  • Identify short call reasons
  • Identify the site with the highest no. of short calls
  • Identify any improvement areas for agents or current processes

Customer Profile:

A major American mass-media company that publishes its namesake newspaper. It has long been regarded within the industry as a national “newspaper of record”, it’s rated 18th in the world by circulation and 3rd in the US.

  • of Agents: 175
  • 3 sites (A, B, C)
  • 135000 calls/ month

Our Approach:

The project was guided by the following set of broadly stated research objectives:

  • Utilizing speech analytics solution, filtered the short calls as >3 mins and determined the actual number of short calls in system, site-wise
  • Determined a statistically valid sample rate of short calls from the filtered results for further investigation
  • Listened to the results of short calls for a period of 3 weeks and a total of 400 calls in focus to identify the core short call reasons
  • Tracked further interesting elements on these calls and shared the insights providing additional value to the client
  • Listed the actionable recommendations based on the opportunities identified to improve the current situation and processes

Our Solution:

As part of the short call study, our team focused on all interactions where there was a Non-Talk of more than 30% and identified the core reasons for these calls being so short. Tagged these calls over the speech platform for the client to easily navigate to such calls for future reference.

Many call drivers were identified which affected the system to have such a huge number of short calls, divided into the following 4 categories:

  • Cancellation related calls
  • Delivery issues related to calls
  • Billing Inquiry related calls
  • Email update request related calls

It was observed that 19% of the times the calls were dropped in between and this was advised to the client to have a feature installed or enabled into the CRM or the recording device to be able to detect the source of disconnection so that in the future this can be controlled.


In just 3 weeks, the recommendations were prepared on the identified gaps. The consolidated list of identified challenges and recommendations were shared with the client so they can work and improve on the current IVR model as well to deflect the current number of short calls as most of the call drivers could have been dealt with at the IVR level itself, with no human intervention required. By reducing the existing short calls, the potential annual revenue improvement was set to $1.5M and a drastic decrease in call flow by 24%.