Set Top Box Outbound Sales (No Conversion Study)

Project Background

  • Every new TV customer, receives an installation slot booking call, Agents book technicians’ appointment and offer to go with the Family HD+ Plan for $84.99/month with free internet
  • Identify core reasons for the Agents not being able to close the sale, on their first contact
  • Capture the VOC, customers’ response around the Family HD+ Plan offer
  • Automate the identified challenges and improvement areas through speech, so the operations team can begin observing the trends, and initiate the coaching plans accordingly

Strategy & Methodology

  • Utilize metadata filter, extract calls with No Sale status, captured by the Agents
  • Sample Size – 400 Calls
  • Direction – Outbound
  • Language – English
  • LOB – Dish Installation_Booking
  • Site – Minneapolis
  • Date Range – 01/10/2021 to 02/10/2021
  • Duration for Call Analysis – >4 mins
  • Interaction Type – Calls/ Audio
  • Call Volume (Ent. Level) – 65,458
  • ACD at Enterprise Level – 00:04:53
  • Avg. NTT at Enterprise Level – 00:00:58

Key Insights

Working with the Agents who did not provide the offer, a minimum 30% conversion is expected to generate $2.2m in revenue annually, and provides an opportunity to gain additional potential growth by $7.3m

Ensuring that Agents provide a rebuttal by even a minimum of 50%, can potentially gain approx. $6.1m

  • 89% of Customers, who mentioned they do not want to share their CC details, wanted to pay through direct debit and this option was not provided by the Agents
  • 49% of Customers, who requested for some time to think are our potential customers, A follow-up plan must be introduced in order to convert such instances into sales
  • 68% Customers confirmed about the speed offered, its 10mbps and customers do not wish to pay extra for such low bandwidth internet