Benefits of Having a Dedicated Team of Speech Analysts

Speech Analyst


With over 75 million customer base across the globe, a tech giant was exploring their options in the speech analytics market, they seem to have indulged with a leading speech analytics solution provider (ABC) but wasn’t sure on how to utilize that to its full potential, they were looking for a solution which can help them work with this solution and provide actionable insights using the same, this is where MattsenKumar played a pivotal role for them as we harness a team of speech analysts with over a decade of experience, working with several tops of the line speech analytics platforms like Nexidia, NICE, Verint, VOCI and Call Miner, etc.

  • Display proof of value for the ABC speech analytics solution from a user perspective
  • Showcase the benefits of having a dedicated team of business/ speech analysts
  • Identify their top call drivers and provide usage benefits of the ABC speech analytics platform

Customer Profile:

An American multinational information technology company, with more than 60 years of experience in the technology domain leading the way to the future of wireless technologies and slim portable devices.

  • of Agents: 1000+
  • 6 sites (A, B, C, D, E, F)
  • 300,000+ calls/ month

Our Approach:

The project was guided by the following set of broadly stated objectives:

  • The utilizing client provided ABC speech analytics solution, identify the core functional benefits of the mentioned platform
  • SmartSpeech team accumulated themselves with the required training for the ABC speech analytics platform within 1 week
  • SmartSpeech POD/ Team conducted several scrum calls with the client to discuss their pain areas and explore the chances of them sharing any specific challenges
  • SmartSpeech POD, then listened to a sample of 500 random calls from their customer service domain to determine its core call drivers
  • SmartSpeech POD prepared the required number of queries over the ABC speech platform, which prove to be of benefit as these queries can later be used by the analysts at the client’s end as well, further helps track the occurrences and behavior
  • Call ingestion and Non-Talk reporting was established on the ABC speech platform, showcasing the true power of a speech analytics platform, also provided site-wise distribution across several product categories
  • SmartSpeech team tracked further interesting elements on these call drivers through an exercise of hypothesis validation and shared the insights providing additional value to the client
  • Listed the actionable recommendations based on the opportunities identified to improve current situation and processes, also catered a few ad-hoc requests on the go, showcasing the benefits of having a dedicated team of speech analysts at your disposal

Our Solution:

As part of the vendor-client engagement, our SmartSpeech team focused on all the possibilities of exploring the given ABC Speech Analytics platform on which the client has invested heavily, our core goal was to prove the benefits of utilizing a leading speech platform from a user’s perspective and how a dedicated team of speech/ business analysts can help with the need of everyday analytics.

Our SmartSpeech POD discovered many call drivers which affected their existing call flow and here are the top 5 categories:

  • Printer connectivity issues (24%)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues (21%)
  • PC Installation help (16%)
  • New equipment registration (12%)
  • Printer ink purchase request (9%)

SmartSpeech team not only identified the top core call reasons for the given data, but however also prepared relative queries in the system, this will help the client to utilize the ABC speech analytics platform to the fullest as these queries not only just showcase the latest results for a certain topic but also let the user/ analysts play with the platform’s reporting capabilities effectively, the users can now perform various permutation and combinations through these queries via reporting to derive more complex and useful results.


In just 4 weeks, the list of all identified call drivers along with the queries required reports was prepared and shared with the client. The consolidated list of other related challenges and recommendations was also shared as a value add. The client currently has invested around $200k on the licensing for this leading ABC speech analytics solution however had no team of experts to support this investment, MattsenKumar not only proved the solution to be a good strategic decision by the client but also attained a SmartSpeech POD contract by proving its worth while utilizing the given speech platform.