Speech Analytics for the Perfect Business Results

SmartSpeech can bring immense benefits for your organization – be it contact center improvement, improving customer experience, boosts sales effectiveness and reducing operational costs.

Performance Improvement

SmartSpeech helps contact centers improve their performance by reducing talk time, handle time and better call handling. Increased First Call Resolutions (FCRs) are also another important outcomes of effective usage of the tool.

Better Customer Experience

SmartSpeech, an advanced call center speech analytics helps in improve the customer experience by identifying areas, agents and calls resulting in lower satisfaction. Better retention can also be achieved by the factors related to your product and type of calls etc.

Improved Sales Results

Our call center speech analytics application can identify the instances when agents are not following the best practices and can immediate actions can be taken for the same. Key areas like rebuttal handling, upsell/cross sell efforts etc. can also be mapped.

Reduced Operating Costs

SmartSpeech helps contact centers in eliminating redundant steps in processes and identifies the areas of improvements. You can also factor in the savings by eliminating manual processes for evaluation and other processes by using our call center speech analytics tool.

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