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SmartSpeech – The Best In Class Speech Analytics Software

An all-inclusive speech analytics application that enables you to visualize your audio using state-of-the-art speech recognition,
transcription and text analytics technologies.

Proven ROI of your Investment.

Solutions and recommendations tied to specific and quantifiable ROI for your investment. Ensures clear realization of your expectations and our outputs.

Pay-As-You-Go Model

With SmartSpeech, you do not pay for anything upfront. You pay for what you use for your project and your results.

Lowest Ingestion Rates

SmartSpeech brings the lowest ingestion rates in the market for your data. Now invest confidently in speech analytics.

Speech Analytics Technology
Actionable Analytics for you

Multidimensional Analytics For Deeper Insights

SmartSpeech, an advanced speech analytics software groups data into dimensions and measurements for unfolding complex relationships between business variables. For example, relationships between sales by Geography, Time and Demography.

Speech analytics software enables you to deep dive into categorized calls and even suggests root causes for the issues you are facing. It also helps in performing comparisons based on demography, time and gender.

Never Miss Important Trends

Keyword Spotting For Identifying The Right Keywords

Keyword Spotting through speech analytics software helps you in identifying the right keywords in utterances by analysing conversation between your agents and the customers.

  • Helps in identifying the usage of specific keywords
  • Helps in identifying the key trends by frequency
  • Helps in prioritizing and addressing business problems
Why SmartSpeech For Speech Analytics?

Best In Class Call Analytics Using Speech To Text technology

SmartSpeech can help you derive actionable insights from the large volumes of unstructured data of your contact center through its speech analytics software suite. It can be your go-to tool for building your competitive advantage and gain significant improvement in your organization’s customer experience.

SmartSpeech can help you in monitoring your agent’s performance, their challenges and coach them for improve on them. This speech analytics software is your ideal solution for reducing your operational expenses by identifying and eliminating the factors contributing to your increased running costs.

Open Platform

Access to 100% transcripts with an option to export JSON/txt files to other analytics platforms.

Expertise On Demand

Experts are available for consult for your requirement and business needs whom you can rely on for best results.

Easy To Use

Simple and straightforward analytics platform with a non-complex, highly user-friendly application interface.

Advanced Features

Comes with features like speaker separation, gender identification and even sensitive information redaction.

SmartSpeech Brings ROI And Results For Your Contact Center Faster

SmartSpeech helps you achieve your business outcomes, reduce your customer attrition and more.

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